So, you want an Eco-Friendly Hitching…

It’s an investment my friend. In the planet obviously, but also in your time and hard-earned dollars…

Finding the right vendors who care as much for Mother Earth as you do will take some research, and possibly a few more bucks will be spent then if you went with the less ethical, single use, plastic alternatives; BUT WE GOT ONE PLANET YA’LL (Technically I realise this not to be the case, but until someone far smarter than me works out how we inhabit the big red one, best we get on with saving this bad boy)!

So, without further ado please find below my beginners list of ways you can have the wedding of your dreams, while looking after our beloved home:

1) Think big, go small

Keeping the numbers down on your hitching is the single quickest way to reduce your footprint. This not only has a drastic impact on your bottom line, it also allows you time to connect more deeply with your nearest and dearest on the day – a win win win from where I’m sitting.

2) Keep it reusable, bonus points for second hand

The dress/es, suits, styling pieces, glassware, ALL THE THINGS – do your best to buy second hand, rent or borrow items. THEN sell or donate anything you can once it’s all said and done. My little minimalist heart sings for you.

3) If all else fails, choose ethical

IF you must purchase something new, make sure to invest the money you saved on culling the 60 guests into ethical, fair trade businesses who ABSOLUTELY pay their workers the minimum wage. Life Hack – if their website doesn’t state CLEAR supply chain info, they’re not going to be the business for you.

4) Would somebody think of the TREES

This one should be the easiest to stick to. Ask your vendors to use digital contracts where possible and minimise printing of stationery pieces. Try and opt for a website instead or use biodegradable paper if you’re someone who loves that tangible reminder. (I get that, my planner IS MY LIFE). Mirrors and chalkboards are also great alternatives for signage!

5) Locally sourced is a vibe

Keep your (dried) blooms, vino and produce local, seasonal and void of single use anything. This will not only stick to your green wedding feels but be delicious for yo’ bellies too!

I could go on forever baby, but let’s try to avoid getting so overwhelmed we don’t do anything – it’s a thing. Good luck fellow Earth warrior, YOU GOT THIS.